Eye Area

Treatment choice is dependent on which part of the eye area is of concern. Injecting Dysport® or Xeomin® can temporarily soften crows feet, lift eyebrows or reduce wrinkles, but is not suitable for bagginess under the eyes. Only surgery will correct this problem, and therefore requires a plastic surgeon.

Dysport® or Xeomin® needs to be used carefully when injecting crows feet to prevent the overdone or 'frozen' look.  This can result in someone’s smile looking false or insincere, especially as we get older and the lines increase in numbers, spread and length!  Dermal fillers are very effective to soften lines where Dysport® or Xeomin is not appropriate.

Sometimes the two treatments are used in combination to reduce movement in the area, and therefore increase longevity of the fillers.

Fillers can reduce the look of tear troughs, but this is an advanced technique.  Volume replacement in the upper cheek area can fill out and soften lower crows feet lines as well.

Most of the skin rejuvenation treatments are very effective in improving the eye area.  Maintaining skin health around this area with the use of cosmeceutical eye creams enhances the effects of any treatment undertaken and prolong it's longevity.