When you make an appointment to talk to one of our nurses or skin therapists at Clinique Elan, we recognise that for many, even taking this step can feel quite daunting! We would like to reassure you that we do everything we can to make it as relaxed and non-threatening as possible.



It is however, an advantage to both parties, if you have done a little research prior to coming in, and are able to be clear about anything you DON’T want! Some pre-reading will mean that not all the information we give you will be not be as new to you. It also helps us be more specific when you have given some thought to what bothers you, and what you are looking to achieve. There is a huge amount of information regarding all the treatments we offer, so loading you up with irrelevant information is not going to be helpful to you. It will only make it all the more confusing. You are obviously already on our website, so search through the Concerns pages to get an idea of what we offer.



One of the many reasons people choose Clinique Elan is that we have become known for our ability to create a treatment plan that is very specific to each client, taking into consideration their concerns, their expectations and their budget. No paint by numbers in our clinic!!!! Details of how we achieve this, will be discussed during the consultation.



Our payment options will also be discussed at the initial consultation, including the use of Afterpay, Laybuy or Go Cardless (a direct debit option) which are available at the clinic.



It is our preference not to treat on the same day as the first consultation. There are exceptions to this eg, long distance travel, previous appearance medicine procedures in other places, but we recognise how easy it is to get all excited at the time, and consequently make decisions that could be regretted later. Once the nurse and/or skin therapist has covered all the topics you wish to discuss, you will be given some written information to take home. It is a little more complex than what you find on our website. If at that stage, you are sure of what you want to book in for, this can be done as you leave.



One of the most effective ways we can help, is to assist our clients in creating 6 and 12 month treatment plans. There are many advantages with these. With careful planning, treatments, and therefore payments, can be spread more evenly throughout the year. We start by listing all your major events for the year (and yes it can be added to at any time), which means we can plan your treatments accordingly, to ensure you arrive at each occasion looking your absolute best, or as we say – ‘For the best that you can be!’ Preplanning also puts the responsibility on us to get you in at the right time. The scheduled treatment dates are loaded into the system, so that you receive a reminder text at the beginning of the month reminding you to make your appointment. One less thing you need to worry about.



We have other ideas of how to manage your beauty spend, to make sure you have the money to spend on the things you really want and the ones that make the biggest difference. We share these in our monthly newsletters.



While it is our preference to conduct a face to face consultation, for anyone who cannot make it into the clinic, consultations can also be carried out online, using a video link. Make sure you choose the video option when making your initial consultation appointment, or we will be expecting to see you at the clinic! If you have done that correctly, you will then be emailed your unique video link code. At the time of your appointment, you click on the link and will be greeted by your nurse or skin therapist. You can then discuss everything you wish to cover, from the comfort of home.

Either book online or phone the clinic on 07 839 2262. We look forward to meeting you.

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Who to book with

Who to book with: 
If you are after a consultation with one of our therapists, it helps us to know in advance what your concerns are. There is a box provided for any additional information relative to your appointment. 

When to book with Registered Nurses: To discuss Dermal Fillers, Botulinum Toxin, Filler Threads, Lifting Threads, Profhilo, Sculptra, O-Shot and EmpowerRF.

When to book with Skin Therapists: To discuss Skin Concerns & Treatments, Skin Care products, Cooltech, Light Therapy for Sun Spots, Pigmentation, Redness & Rosacea, Dermal Needling, Morpehus8 Face/Body, Lesion removal and Women's wellness using EmpowerRF.

Booking online info

We require information with every booking about the areas you would like discussed (for consultations) or treated if booking a treatment. Please give as much detail in the note section when making a booking online. Even if you have had treatment with us before, we will be required to follow up and ask if there is no note with your booking.

You can click the "more info" tab below each treatment and practitioner to read more information.