IV Therapy

Intravenous Infusions

An intravenous infusion is when medicine or vitamins are delivered directly into the blood stream via a small intravenous cannula.

Clinique Élan Cambridge offers an exclusive IV therapy Lounge. IV Therapy is designed to give you the best inner health balance, along with essential vitamins and minerals for the health of your skin. Perfect for those who might require assistance with illness recovery or prevention, athletes who are wanting further nutrient support, or clients that are on a skin health journey.  

Our Intravenous Infusions are administered by one of our qualified nurses while you relax in our dedicated IV lounge. 

Tea and coffee are available during your treatment to provide a truly relaxing experience. 

The IV therapies we offer are: 

  • Myers Cocktail 
  • Glutathione 
  • Hydration
  • Vitamin C + Magnesium  

Undergoing IV Therapy requires a pre treatment consultation that includes blood tests and health and wellbeing consultation. The cost of the consultation is $45. 

Infusion information

Myers Cocktail 

A Myers cocktail is a potent infusion blend that includes high doses of B Vitamins, Magnesium, Vitamin C and Calcium, it was first developed by Dr John Myer who pioneered this infusion blend to assist all sorts of issues from chronic fatigue, headaches, respiratory infections, fibromyalgia and more. 

Glutathione Information

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant our bodies produce naturally. Unfortunately, medications, pollution, processed foods, and many other lifestyle factors reduce the amount our bodies can produce. Therefore supplemental Glutathione can be extremely beneficial. 

Glutathione is made of a combination of three amino acids called glycine, glutamine and cysteine, it is most commonly found in the cells of the liver, where it’s contents collect up free radicals floating around the body and neutralise them, where our system can then eliminate them in turn giving our immune system a boost. 

Glutathione infusions have been shown to help prevent chronic illness, slow the ageing process, control inflammation, detoxify the liver and boost our athletic ability.

Hydration IV Infomation

Our hydration IV Therapy is performed using a Hartmann’s solution, a blend of saline, glucose and electrolytes, this is used to replace and balance body fluid and mineral salts that may be lost due to a variety of medical conditions, it is also a fantastic energy source.

Vitamin C and Magnesium infusion

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient involved in the repair of tissue, as an antioxidant assisting our immune system and for adrenal support. 

Our digestive system limits how much Vitamin C is absorbed when taken orally, IVC (intravenous vitamin C) is administered directly into the bloodstream, allowing for much higher levels to be reached with almost 100% bioavailability. 

Higher doses of Vitamin C has been shown to assist against viral & bacterial infections, chronic fatigue syndrome and support the immune system, wound healing and collagen production. 

Intravenous Vitamin C is not recommended for those with G6PD enzyme deficiency, kidney problems or known allergies to vitamin C. 


Infusion costs

All IV infusions require a pre treatment consult. This consult is $45, which includes blood testing and a lifestyle questionnaire, before we can proceed with treatment. 

Myers Cocktail $260

Glutathione $225

Hydration $180

Vitamin C + Magnesium $195