Online shopping FAQ's

How long will shipping take? And what are the costs?

Standard rate shipping NZ wide: $7
Rural delivery: $10.
FREE NZ wide when you spend $150
Australia shipping - $15 flat rate
Other countries available on request.  

Generally NZ wide shipping takes 1-2 business days, we recommend sending to a work/business address for ease of delivery and the fastest turn around time. The majority of our stock sells on a revolving basis, occasionally there will be an extra day or two wait if we have just sold out of what you have ordered. We will always let you know if this is the case.

We offer click & collect to all customers free of charge. We ask that you wait for order confirmation before coming to collect your order.

Are the products displayed online the only ones in the range?

These are simply the products we choose to stock in clinic, but we can order in any other products within the ranges/brands that we stock.

How does your loyalty system work?

Every $1 spent on products in clinic or online earns you 1 point, once you have accumulated 1000 points the system will send you a $100 voucher to spend on any product you like! Essentially earning you 10% back.

You can watch your points balance grow and see extra ways to earn, like a bonus 200 points for your birthday by clicking the green "Product Points" button which will always be in the lower right corner of every web page.

Appointment FAQ's

Are there any payment plans available?

At Clinique Élan we offer Afterpay & Laybuy both in clinic and online. 

If you have not used payment options such as Laybuy or Afterpay before, they are a simple way of splitting your purchase over 4 or 6 payments.

How it works: Your purchase amount will be divided into:
- 4 fortnightly payments through Afterpay
- 6 weekly payments through Laybuy.

With both payment providers you choose the credit or debit card to be charged for each payment plan. No fees are charged to you as a customer. 

We offer multiple choices to find the one that suits you best, either fortnightly or weekly to align with your pay schedule or for larger amounts, perhaps 6 payments might suit best. All of these options will take the first payment on the day of the transaction. In clinic you can choose to split your payments via eftpos or cash and putting the remaining amounts on one of these payment options. We are always happy to work with you around what suits best. 

All these payment services require applying in advance (on their websites: afterpay.com  & laybuy.com/nz ) then when purchasing online, you can select either one as a payment option and follow the prompts through the cart to process the payment. To use these services in clinic, you are required to bring your mobile with you to approve the purchase. 

Do I have to come in for a consultation first?

Our preference is to see new clients for an initial consultation, particularly if they are completely new to appearance medicine treatments.  We do not charge for these appointments.  It is of benefit to both parties if the client has a chance to absorb the information discussed and taken home some written information to read before committing to a treatment.

We will consult and then treat someone during the same appointment if appropriate, but this needs to be arranged at the time of booking, so we can allocate the extra time required to do both.  We will do this in circumstances such as when a client has a long distance to travel, has had treatment before elsewhere or is well informed regarding treatments and is sure of what they want on the day.

What is your cancellation policy?

Clinique Elan's Cancellation Policy. 

We require 24 hours notice to reschedule or cancel an appointment. 

Less than 24 hours notice may incur a cancellation fee, this is discretionary and depends on the circumstances. 'No Show' appointments will be billed this fee instantly. 

Appointments 30 minutes or less: $50
Appointments over 30 minutes: $100

Can you guarantee my visits to the clinic will be kept confidential?

At Clinique Elan we pride ourselves on operating under the strictest level of confidentiality.  Our business is to keep your business to ourselves! The team works very hard to ensure that client information is kept private at all costs.

All forms we require you to fill out are to ensure your safety and ours. These, and your treatment details, including any photos taken, are stored securely. We will never share your information unless we have your permission, or it is required to do so by law.

Can my car be seen from the road when I am at the clinic?

Your car wont’ be seen. There is parking behind and under our building. Access is off Palmerston Street. We share the spaces with the other businesses next door, which is on the corner of Pembroke and Palmerston Streets.

How do I know who is the best nurse for me to see?

Our nurses all undergo training updates frequently. This ensures that everyone gets the same high standard of care and treatment.  Our clinical notes and detailed diagrams mean that most Dermal Filler & Botulinum Toxin treatments can be performed by any of our nurses.

While we all carry out injectable treatments, each nurse also has her own area of special interest, so you may be advised to see that nurse if your concerns fall under those categories

Does the clinic ever offer special deals?

We generally have bi-monthly product and treatment specials, which coincide with the seasons and annual events where possible.  Specials are posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages. We email a monthly newsletter to our existing clients, informing them about our specials and any new procedures being introduced to the clinic. You can take a look at our latest newletters here .

Injectables FAQ's

Can I have Botulinum Toxin or Dermal Fillers while pregnant?

Pregnancy and breast feeding are considered contraindications to having these treatments.  While there is no evidence that they can affect a growing foetus or a breast feeding baby, any testing to prove that, cannot be undertaken for obvious reasons.

 There have been hundreds of women, who will have had treatment not realising they were pregnant without any ill effects, but once it has been confirmed, we will not inject pregnant women.

There are plenty of useful non-injectable treatments on offer that are totally safe to do while pregnant.  Speak to one of the nurses to find out what these are.

Is there any thing that will exclude me from having injectables?

There is a 2 week downtime after having major dental work, a course of antibiotics or having a vaccine (including boosters), or after being unwell.

Please make sure that you reschedule your appointments if any of the above apply to you. These are guidelines set out by our oversight Doctor and will be strictly adhered to.

If you have been infected with Covid-19 we would prefer a 4 week wait after your negative test has returned.

If you are travelling internationally we require any Dermal Filler work to have been booked with 2 weeks allowance before you leave.

How long before a major event should I have injectables?

If you are getting married or preparing for a big event we always recommend having your last injectables appointment AT LEAST 2 weeks prior. If this is your first time, please allow at least 4 weeks to allow for a 2 week check up and tweak, then to settle if necessary.

With any injectables bruising is always a possibility, in some cases it may take a week or two to completely clear so we always like to allow for an extra window of time to be at your best.