PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

We believe that PRP treatments are fast becoming the way of the future, as many people prefer the use of their own body products (plasma from the blood) for skin treatments, rather than fillers.

The discovery of PRP for rejuvenating body tissue is not new. It has been used for many years in the medical field, particularly for treating joint injuries. It was then introduced into the cosmetic field and over the last few years, after much research, its use has increased dramatically. Initially, we used it predominantly for skin rejuvenation, to help regenerate collagen for improved texture, tone and elasticity.  It has since been discovered that growth factors will rejuvenate other tissue as well, particularly using the latest Matrix tubes. By injecting into the correct planes in our faces, not only do we get skin anti-aging, but fat pads and retaining ligaments are also affected, resulting in lift and volume, in the most natural way possible. PRP is also used for necks, chests and hands. For ultimate results, our recommendation is that PRP treatments are performed in conjunction with a Dermal Needling session (our version of the Vampire Facial). 



Blood is taken from the client (just like at the blood collection labs) and put into a centrifuge for spinning. This process separates the platelet rich plasma (PRP) and the red blood cells. The plasma fluid is then drawn into sterile syringes ready for injecting.  As the platelet rich solution comes into contact with the underlying structures of the face, tissue regeneration and repair is stimulated, effectively turning the clock back.



Three treatments, one month apart, are required for best results. The effect is not fully seen for a few months as the PRP takes effect. Most people will look at topping up once a year with one treatment only, to maintain their results.



There are the usual risks when using a needle into the skin of bruising and redness, plus some swelling for a day or two, but any long term side effects of foreign body reactions or immunological contamination are eliminated because it is a product from your own body.


PRP Cost

PRP with a full face Dermal Needling Procedure: $599

PRP + HA $699 single treatment/ $1500 for a series of 3 treatments (recommended)

Single tube treatment: $450
Extra tube add on: $200

Skin Care Consultations

It is always recommended to book a skin consult before booking a PRP appointment to discuss suitability. Consults are always free of charge and allow us to ensure you are getting the best results in the safest way.

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