Treatment Packages

Clinique Elan's Exclusive Trio Facial

Many of our skin rejuvenation programmes involve 3 or more appointments. This is not ideal for everyone, so we have put together a package that includes 3  of our favourite skin treatments that can be done in one appointment, yet still provide pleasing results that are immediately noticeable. The package is ideal to have prior to a special event, if you struggle to find time for a series of treatments but still want to improve your skin health, or to use as a step up from your usual monthly facials.   

It starts with a light lactic or antioxidant Medi-facial, followed by a laser Genesis treatment and then a session under our ever popular Omnilux. 

$299 Per treatment, saving over $80


Laser Genesis Packages: 

Laser Genesis is most beneficial in a series of treatments so we have packaged together 6 treatments for the price of 5 and added on a complimentary Omnilux session to each treatment.

Laser Genesis is charged based on the number of areas treated. These areas are around a business card size. 

Treatment Area: (business card size) Each treatment: Package cost (6 treatments):
1 Area e.g scar $75  $375
2 Areas e.g cheeks $150 $750
3 Areas e.g cheeks & chin $210 $1050
4 Areas e.g cheeks, chin & glabella $260 $1300
5 Areas e.g full face $300 $1500
6 Areas e.g full face and 1 neck area $350 $1750



Dermal Filler Packages: 


 Dermal Filler packages: 
Lip Enhancement: 
For lip volume, fine lines or hydration
Peri - Oral Rejuvenation:
For areas around the mouth, lip and chin, focusing on fine lines and volume replacement. 
Signature Lift:
Focuses on mid face volume replacement, structural lift & fine lines
Deluxe Lift:
Focuses on jawline augmentation, temples, volume replacement and structural lift as well as fine lines. 

Clinique Élan Wedding Packages.

These skin rejuvenation packages have been combined to give you the best value for your spend, depending on your budget and your time frame. All packages will require a consultation prior to determine suitability and start you off with the correct skin preparation.

Whether you are a bride to be, mother of the bride or groom, bridesmaid, a guest or even someone just wanting to start a skin rejuvenation journey, these packages are especially designed over a period of time to deliver results.


Clinique Élan's Exclusive Wedding packages 

Elsa Package: 
Free Skin Consultation, Skin Care valued at $200, Skin Pen Treatments x3, Peel + Omni package (x6 treatments), Blading treatment.  
Belle Package: 
Free Skin Consultation, Peel + Omni Package (x6 treatments), Trio Facial 

Jasmine Package:
Free Skin Consultation, Trio Facial + Blading


Create your own Package: 
Come in for a FREE consultation to create an individual package that will work for you, and save 10% on all treatments (prepay and receive and extra 5% discount) 

Minimum of $500