Light Therapy

The term Light Therapy refers to both laser and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatments.  At Clinique Elan we offer both, which allows us to treat a much wider range of concerns than most clinics.  People are often confused about the difference between the two modalities, (including some machine operators).  Therefore, to lower your risk of complications, it is essential to ensure your treatment is being carried out by trained therapists.  Our laser/IPL operators are qualified therapists from the the NZQA accredited New Zealand Laser Training programme.

We use a machine that incorporates both laser and IPL called the XEO platform.  It is manufactured by Cutera, which is recognised as one of the world’s leading laser/IPL providers.  Using such sophisticated machinery, along with highly trained therapists, increases your chance of getting a good result, with minimal risk.

Our platform has five different treatment options. Which one of these is most appropriate, is discussed with the individual client at the initial consultation.


IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)

At Clinique Elan we use the gold standard Cutera Limelight IPL for treating brown spots, superficial redness and general skin rejuvenation.



IPL is a form of light therapy, but it is NOT laser. It is a multi purpose machine that can emit different wavelengths (colours), to enable us to treat various issues on the skin. When the appropriate wavelength is chosen, the crystal head is placed on the skin and the ‘shot’ is delivered. When the light hits its target colour – brown and/or red – the light is absorbed and converted into heat, thus destroying the target cells i.e. pigment or red blood cells.



PIGMENTATION: The light is able to penetrate to a certain depth only, so while the surface brown spots look better, the underlying pigmentation will eventually come to the surface again, so the spot will reappear. How long this takes depends on how deep the damage is, and how well the skin is looked after, particularly regarding sun protection,  afterwards.

REDNESS: Again we are treating the symptoms only. Generalised redness often comes from Rosacea, which cannot be cured, but IPL is a great tool in the management of the problem.  Non-Rosacea redness may stay away for longer, but how the skin is looked after and protected afterwards, again determines the longevity of results.

Generally more than one treatment is required for ultimate results as the intensity and depth of the issues vary, so one setting will not suit everything.



The biggest concern with any light therapy is that of burning, and possibly scarring.  For this reason we complete a comprehensive check-list to identify any risk factors, prior to you commencing any treatment. This includes determining your Fitzpatrick rating, which indicates how much melanin is in your skin. Darker skins are not appropriate for IPL and neither is tanned skin.  In both instances, too much light can be absorbed, converted into heat causing blistering, burning and possibly scarring long term.  Strict sun protection is imperative after treatment, so it is much safer to have treatment in the less sunny months. 

Most people will be a bit red for a few hours afterwards.  Any brown spots treated will most likely get darker and then flake off over the next (5 – 14 days).  Some minor bruising is possible following red vein treatment.



 Minor treatments start at $150.


Minimal area


Hands, chest, or neck


Full Face


2 Areas (e.g face and neck)

Pigmentation packages by Clinique Élan


At Clinique Elan we have a combined laser and IPL machine with a number of attachments, allowing us to treat a wide variety of common skin concerns. One of these heads is the Acutip, used for spot treating brown sun spots, and smaller red, vascular areas.


The small beam of Acutip light is directed at the target, at the appropriate energy level. The light is then absorbed and converted into heat, which effectively destroys the targets cells and the lesion.  The immediate effect is for the brown spots to appear darker, and the red spots to either clot (which can look quite black) or blanch away completely. The body then absorbs the dead cells over the next few weeks, so the lesion disappears without scarring.

Surface, pigmented lesions are appropriate for this treatment, but, pigmentation originating deeper in the skin, as in chloasma or melisma is not possible to treat with the Acutip. 

How well defined the edges of the pigmented lesions are, indicates its depth – well defined edges for superficial and more ill defined or smudgy edges, for deeper lesions. One of the main advantages of using Acutip rather than IPL, is that it can treat such a small area without involving the surrounding skin, so that a more intense setting can be used.

The same applies to vascular (blood) lesions in terms of small intense areas being appropriate to treat. As with laser andIPL, the skin is not broken with Acutip treatment, so make-up can be applied immediately, although as the lesions darken, they can be difficult to hide.

The required settings on the Acutip vary with each individual.  Clients are asked to complete a detailed medical history form, to ensure there are no contra-indications to having the treatment, or factors that may affect the skin’s absorption of light.  This information then helps determine the settings used.


Immediately following treatment, the treated area should not be exposed to the sun without protection of a sun block with a minimum of SPF30+.  We advise continued use of this strength sun block. Tanning booths cannot be used for a minimum of six weeks prior to, and six months following Acutip treatment.


Following each Acutip treatment, the area can be cleaned with a mild, non-irritating soap or facial cleanser twice a day.  We discourage the use of exfoliants, scrubs or products containing AHA’s (glycolic or lactic acid) or retinol products (Vitamin A) on the treated lesion for one week.

Use of a mild/bland moisturizer to prevent scabs from drying out is recommended. This will also help any discomfort or tightness experienced during the scabby phase and lessen the likelihood of wanting to pick at the scabs, which is a big no no..

However, if the last of the fine scab are proving stubborn, after 8-10 days, a mild scrub may be used to help slough them off.


Treatment starts at $150 which would treat up to 10 small lesions.


Up to 10 shots (could treat up to 10 spots)


10-20 Shots


20-30 Shots

Laser for Facial Veins and other
Vascular Lesions

The Cutera laser we have at Clinique Élan treats a broad range of vessels from tiny capillaries to larger veins, often seen around the nose in particular.It also treats spider angiomas, (red raised blood spots) often seen on young children.


The system delivers pulses of light energy of a specific wavelength (which means a specific colour) to target the red blood cells. The light is converted into heat, which coagulates the blood within the vein, eventually destroying it. It is then slowly reabsorbed by the body.

The light travels through the skin without damaging it, so the skin remains intact. This means normal skincare and makeup can be used immediately following a treatment.


Clinique Elan’s laser is considered a very safe and effective, and our therapists are registered nurses. Because extreme heat is involved, the possible side effects or complications are those of burning. This will be discussed more fully at the time of consultation and/or first treatment. Patients are asked to sign a consent form prior to treatment, which outlines all the possible side effects and risks. Laser can damage eyesight, so shields are placed over the patient’s eyes, and anyone accompanying them will be given safety goggles. It is therefore not suitable to bring young children.


Two or three treatments are generally sufficient to achieve a satisfactory result. Treatments are 4 to 6 weeks apart and are charged per session.


Minimum charge 


More extensive vessel clearance


Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis is becoming more and more popular as a choice for skin rejuvenation. There is zero downtime involved, treatment is painless, but it effectively addresses a wide range of issues.

It helps to soften fine lines, particularly around the eyes, improve acne scarring, reduce pore size, hydrate dry crepey skin and reduce generalised redness. It is therefore a great Rosacea treatment, but also treats discolouration of the neck, (Poikloderma of Civatte), as well as general texture improvement of the neck and chest areas. 



Laser light of a specific wavelength is directed at the skin, aiming to heat small areas at a time up to a specified temperature. This is held for a set period of time to effectively destroy the perivascular component of the skin, which causes generalised redness.   The heat also stimulates regeneration of new collagen, while strengthening existing collagen fibres.



Genesis is the safest of all the light therapy treatments we offer.  It is actually very soothing.  Risks are minimal in the right hands.



Cost depends on how many areas (around the size of a business card) are treated each session.  

We recommend a series of 6 treatments for optimum results. Your nurse therapist will discuss the best course of action for your skin



1 Area (e.g scar)


1 Area Package– 6 treatments for the price of 5


2 areas (e.g Cheeks)


2 area package 6 treatments for the price of 5


3 areas (e.g both cheeks and chin)


3 area package – 6 treatments for the price of 5


4 area package (e.g Cheeks chin & Glabella)


4 Areas – 6 treatments for the price of 5


5 Areas (e.g Full face)


5 area Package – 6 treatments for the price of 5


6 Areas (eg full face and 1 area on neck)


6 area Package – 6 treatments for the price of 5





Omnilux is harmless, non-surgical, light therapy. Treatments are based around a matrix of light-emitting diodes (LED), which have been clinically tested to penetrate to a specific depth within the skin, where they will stimulate your skin cells. The scientifically designed light will enhance your current skincare routine instantly, with no harmful UVA and UVB rays.



Omnilux stimulates your cellular activity. As we age, our collagen, elastin and other cells become "lazy". Omnilux penetrates straight to these cells to give them a little kick-start, reminding them what they should be doing. As a result, these cells start to create more collagen, elastin and hydration, giving your skin a fresher, brighter and younger appearance.



Depending on which treatment your therapist recommends, you will generally feel a very warming sensation over your face and initially see a bright light which, once you have relaxed into the treatment, can change into a kaleidoscope of different colours. The first time is always the hardest, as you can be unsure what to expect, but each treatment after is more relaxing.



There are a couple of different Omnilux treatments: Revive (Red Light) for hydration, softening and plumping the skin; and Plus Light for firming, tightening and anti-ageing. Your therapist will work out the best treatment plan for you and it will include a combination of the different lights, depending on your skin type.

You will notice instant results in hydration and glow after your first treatment, however your skin renews itself every 28 days (and less frequently as we age) so it can take three to four weeks to notice the full benefits of the treatments when the deeper cells have come to the surface. It's recommended you have a course of nine treatments; usually two to three treatments a week over a period of three to four weeks and then every four weeks after this to top up. For long-term results a course of treatments is recommended every six months.



Omnilux will increase blood flow and circulation to feed and nourish your skin, and will stimulate your skin's natural hyaluronic acid for a healthier and plumper-looking complexion. Best of all, it will stimulate your collagen and elastin production to give you firmer, tighter and younger-looking skin.



Everyone who is concerned about ageing, from those who want to prevent the first signs of it to those wanting to look two, five or ten years younger. Omnilux also has many other great benefits, such as healing hormonal breakouts and also reducing the appearance of scarring.

Click here to go to the Omnilux Website for more information.

Single treatment:   $35
Add on to any appointment:  $25
Consession of 9 sessions:  $225
Light Package - 
3 months of Omnilux treatments (up to 3 sessions per week)