Lip Augmentation


Lip augmentation refers to the use of a dermal filler for the purpose of enlarging and/or enhancing the lips.  Once the desired look has been established during an initial consultation, the nurse can advise the client as to how much product is required.  At Clinique Elan we offer filler in smaller amounts than is generally available, meaning that you only pay for as much as you need.  This keeps it more affordable, easier to maintain the look with regular top ups and less likely to be over filled for the sake of using a set amount.

The procedure involves dermal filler being injected into the lip border for definition and/or the body of the lip for the fuller look.  The product contains local anaesthetic, so the procedure is generally very tolerable.  For those who prefer, we do offer the use of a nerve block (at a cost), which completely numbs the lip, resulting in no pain at all once the anesthetic has taken effect.



As with any dermal filler treatment the longevity varies with each individual and with the amount injected.  If left without top up after a full enhancement dermal fillers should be lasting between 12-18 months.  Most of our clients, who use the small amounts for regular top ups, are coming in a couple of times a year.



Side effects are those as with any dermal filler treatment (see Dermal Filler under the Treatments section), but there are some other possible side effects, specific to lip augmentation.  The lips are very vascular, so the risk of bruising is slightly higher, there is an increased chance of swelling with lip augmentation, and there is a slightly greater risk of a cold sore outbreak.  All possible side effects are discussed in full at the time of consultation and prior to treatment.



Our mini syringes are $110 each.  For the first treatment, a moderate augmentation is likely to be up to 0.5ml, which is $490, or for a fuller look we may use 1ml, which is $830. The amount is decided between client and therapist.  We tend to keep the mirror close by, so the client can stop or choose to add more, at any time.

Clinique Élan's lip enhancement package: $490 For fine lines, lip hydration & Volume