May Wedding photos & clinic news

May Wedding photos & clinic news

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Welcome to May's Newsletter.
Both Jess and myself are now back into the swing of things after an incredible few weeks away, celebrating both of our weddings. 

We have been fortunate enough to have had Deborah back in the clinic over the last week running a one off Sclerotherapy Clinic for our clients. We will be running another one of these in late June, if you would like to be put on our waitlist for these dates please phone and leave your name with reception. 

Clinique Elan has a few specials running through our winter months, these are listed below. It is a great time during the cooler period for our laser therapy and skin rejuvenation treatments.
Don't forget we provide complimentary consultations if you would like some advice on which treatment would be suitable for you.

COVID 19 - We are starting to see a few clients coming in that have recently had their covid vaccinations.  As a protocol here at Clinique Elan, our nurse therapists will not be treating clients 2 weeks either side of the vaccination. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this, please don't hesitate to have a chat to us. 

Thats all from us this month. We look forward to seeing you all in the clinic soon! 

Introducing our Signature Scent Candle

We have been working with one of our talented product reps who has formulated a special soy candle just for us!
This gorgeous, matte black, glass candle gives over 40 hours of burn time and is a blend of Vanilla Cream, Cinnamon, Caramel, Pecan and a hint of Raspberry.
These are exclusive to Clinique Elan and retail for $60, making great gift options for that special someone! 

Available online and in clinic 

Makeup removal pads restocked

Our ever popular reusable makeup pads are an excellent alternative to using makeup wipes, or a rough face cloth.
They can be washed and reused over 200 times each, and now come in a four pack with a wash bag.
Simply wet with mild temp water, add micellar water or cleanser and they'll help remove everything! They can be used without cleansers but we find that using a small amount, gets the job done more effectively. 

Only $20 for a four pack, including the wash bag. You can find these on our website or in clinic. 

SkinPen Special

(Also known as Dermal Needling)

Needling is beneficial to all skin types for Collagen Induction. As we all lose collagen (our skin's structural fibres) from around age 25 onwards, it is never too early or late to start looking after the structural integrity of our skin. It benefits both our skin care and injectables, as well as replenishing the loss of those vital fibres. 

What is SkinPen?

A pen-like device which has sterile, disposable cartridge tip containing small needles attached, is moved over the skin’s surface to create tiny micro injuries, not visible to the naked eye. A specially formulated hyaluronic acid is then used to fill the tiny channels created in the skin. Absorption of product introduced at this stage is increased by over 80% through these open channels. These tiny punctures also stimulate tissue regeneration through a process called collagen induction therapy. For ultimate results, growth factors from your own platelet rich plasma (PRP) can be used instead of the hyaluronic acid.

At Clinique Elan we use the SKIN PEN, which is the latest technology in skin needling. Clinically proven to induce collagen and reduce scarring, this engineering device is taking standard skin needling to a new level. Micro needling is one of the most effective ways for improving skin texture by softening fine lines and wrinkles, reducing pore size and stimulating new collagen formation. It also helps reduce acne scarring.

How long does it last?

For optimal results we recommended three treatments at 6 – 8 weekly intervals. The results start showing at about 6 weeks, but keep improving until they reach their maximum effect at 6 months. How long the results last is dependent on how well the skin is looked after following the 3 sessions. Using active skincare and good sun protection is the best way to do this. The use of a home roller can further enhance the effectiveness of active skincare.  It is also recommended to have one treatment every year for maintenance.

To book a needling appointment, we recommend coming in for a complimentary consultation to discuss suitability with Jess or Caitlyn. Pre Pay for two treatments and get your third treatment and post care kit FREE (Saving $459)

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That is all for now,
Take care everyone 
xx Nicole & the CÉ team
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