Covid19 Policies

Due to the current national restrictions we ask that all clients visiting our clinic adhere to the requirements set upon us by our oversight Dr and the national CANN network. If you are unsure about any of these, please get in touch. 

Arriving to appointments: 

  • Please wear a mask when arriving to and leaving your appointments, you may take it off in the room when 1 on1 with your therapist but it is required to be worn when in all public spaces. 

  • Please scan in upon entry to the clinic, we have QR codes located at the door and front desk as well as a manual sign in sheet for those that do not have the app. 

  • We have sanitiser provided at reception, please feel free to use it when using the eftpos machine. (we do not have paywave)

  • Please do not bring extra guests to your appointments, we have 3 businesses operating out of our clinic full time, this restricts how many we can allow in the waiting room at once. 

  • Cancel your appointment if you have been unwell or someone in your home is unwell or isolating. 

  • We do not require patients to be vaccinated but we do require a 2 week stand down either side of your vaccinations for any injectables treatments (Botulinum Toxin, Dermal Fillers, Mono Threads and Profhilo) 

  • We have booked 15 minutes between each client for cleaning, please be on time to your appointment to allow us the correct amount of time for sanitising each room. 

  • Please wait in your car if you are extra early to your appointment. You do not need to text upon arrival, but we just ask that we don't have a waiting room full of people who are early. 

Please consider your appointment times for treatments such as Dermal Needling (Skin Pen) these treatments need time for your skin to heal before wearing a mask again, we recommend going straight home where you can be mask free after your appointment for 12-24 hours if possible. 

You may purchase product from us without an appointment, we just ask that you scan in and wear a mask.