Lips & Perioral

For the area around the mouth e.g. upper and lower lip lines, in addition to dermal filler treatments, undergoing some skin rejuvenation treatments can not only help reduce the lines, but in combination with filler, will enhance their effectiveness and longevity.

The choice of filler used depends on the clients concerns.  For fine lines, subtle lip definition and rehydrating the lips, we suggest the filler designed specifically for injecting superficially into the skin, to fill or plump out the lines themselves.  We use a variety of specially formulated fillers that are very soft to treat this area of the face. Your nurse will discuss with you at the time of treatment which is best for you. 

For those wanting fuller more voluptuous lips, we use a thicker, longer lasting product, which creates beautifully natural, well defined lips.


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Who to book with

Who to book with: 
If you are after a consultation with one of our therapists, it helps us to know in advance what your concerns are. There is a box provided for any additional information relative to your appointment. 

When to book with Registered Nurses: To discuss Dermal Fillers, Botulinum Toxin, Filler Threads, Lifting Threads, Profhilo, Sculptra, O-Shot and EmpowerRF.

When to book with Skin Therapists: To discuss Skin Concerns & Treatments, Skin Care products, Cooltech, Light Therapy for Sun Spots, Pigmentation, Redness & Rosacea, Dermal Needling, Morpehus8 Face/Body, Lesion removal and Women's wellness using EmpowerRF.

Booking online info

We require information with every booking about the areas you would like discussed (for consultations) or treated if booking a treatment. Please give as much detail in the note section when making a booking online. Even if you have had treatment with us before, we will be required to follow up and ask if there is no note with your booking.

You can click the "more info" tab below each treatment and practitioner to read more information.