June - Winter has arrived!

June - Winter has arrived!

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Hi Everyone, 

Winter is officially here! 
Although the majority of our treatments are performed all year round, we do have specific months where we prefer to do particular treatments, such as, IPL and Acutip.

Have you been thinking about treating any sun-damage or hyper-pigmentation?

We are still offering our Mini and Max pigmentation packages throughout the winter months. These packages were formulated to help guide you in the right direction in regards to a treatment plan as well as saving you $$.

Preparation of the skin is essential for results and long term protection.
You will notice that each package includes a pigmentation serum and SPF.
Pigment serums work on inhibiting the process of melanin production in the skin, along with helping to lift existing melanin deposits. Anyone living in New Zealand's UV climate (even the best SPF wearers) can benefit from using a pigment serum long term. 

We recommend booking your Pigmentation packages in advance and collecting the skin care to start the preparation process. 4 weeks on a pigment inhibitor is recommended before undergoing your first IPL treatment.

You are welcome book a free consultation with Jess or Caitlyn for more information or guidance. 
These hands were treated with IPL - before and after photos taken 4 months apart.
Work by Jess

Winter is also a great season to treat the skin

Due to the lower instances of sun in winter, it is a great time to get into skin treatments with less risk of post procedure damage. Our peel packages and luxe medifacials have been popular, and are a great way to combat the dry winter skin that many suffer from. 

Dermal Needling/SkinPen treatments are very popular, our deal is valid until the end of June, so still plenty of time to lock it in! 
Some of our recent work: 
Our first model client using the KISS filler from Teoxane - this was taken immediately before and after treatment, some swelling will subside. This treatment used 0.75ml of product. All photos shared with permission. Work by Nicole
Our model client using the KISS filler from Teoxane - this was taken immediately before and after treatment, some swelling will subside. This treatment used 0.7ml of product. All photos shared with permission. Work by Jess
Before and after two treatments of Profhilo - notice the hydration change in her skin and texture! 
All photos shared with permission
Incredible before and afters of Mint Mono Threads around the crows feet. Mono Threads are excellent for targeted collagen induction in delicate areas like this.  All photos shared with permission


We have been researching some exciting new products that have been imported from Poland, including a range of skincare and supplements. These products have huge benefits for our skin, and overall body health.
All products come with in-depth research papers on ingredients, results and trials from all around the world. 
We look forward to sharing these with you soon.
Watch this space! 
Please remember that the traffic around Hamilton has been particularly heavy lately due to extra road works happening. We ask that you keep this in mind when booking appointments, allowing yourself enough time to arrive. 
Fieldays week will mean extra traffic on the roads. (Wed-Sat 16th-19th June)

One last tip! If you suffer from dry skin in winter, consider adding in a hydration serum or overnight mask to your routine, and turn your showers down!
Hot showers in cold weather strip the skin's vital moisture.
Look for lip care without paraffin or petroleum based ingredients.

Have a chat to Caitlyn for some recommendations if you need advice. 

Have a great June everyone! 
The CE team xx
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