February Updates!

February Updates!

Happy New Year from us!


We hope you all had an amazing break and have been enjoying this beautiful sun, but also making sure you are wearing your SPF !!


Both clinics have hit the ground running already and we are starting to fill up again, so make sure you contact us early to secure a space.


We have an exciting year ahead of us, with new specials, new locations and so much more!

Current & upcoming specials for January & February…



Profhilo (single treatment): $500 (normally $850) saving $350

A-Zyme add on: $30 (normally $65) saving $35



Botulinum Toxins: purchase two areas and get the third free (max 15 units/5 units)

Oshot: $899 (normally $1299) saving $400

Thread Lift: $1500 (normally $1800) saving $300

We are on the hunt for a qualified Beauty/Skin & Laser Therapist with 2+ industry experience to come join our team. If you know of someone or yourself feel free to send your CV through via the link or to wendy@cliniqueelan.co.nz

Click here to send your CV through

Nicole & Wendy will be attending the Aesthetic & Anti Ageing Medicine World Congress (AMWC) in Monte Carlo!


This means they will both be out of clinic from…

Nicole: 15th March-18th April

Wendy: 14th March-10th April


Nicole’s last day for dermal filler clients before they leave for Europe will be 13th March.

MEDELLE CLINIC (Women’s Wellness & Morpheus8)

Each hand piece & what it’s good for:


Women’s Wellness: V Tone

VTone stimulates the intravaginal muscles to rehabilitates weak pelvic floor muscles, and address stress and urge urinary incontinence in women.


Women’s Wellness: Forma V

Forma V restores the health of your vagina using uniform volumetric deep heating for tissue remodeling. This helps pain relief, increases blood circulation, remodels tissue, helps to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, muscle toning and can temporarily relieve minor muscle pain and spasms.


Morpheus8 Body Tip (40pin)

Morpheus8 (M8) Body is the latest radio-frequency micro-needling technology FDA approved for deep tissue remodeling. This minimally -invasive treatment tightens skin, liquefies fat, and reduces the appearance of lax skin, stretch marks and cellulite, all while improving the overall tone and texture of the skin.


Morpheus8 Prime Tip (12pin)

Morpheus8 Prime is effective in the treatment of lines and wrinkles, skin laxity and texture, specifically for around smaller areas i.e eye area/upper lip.  The treatment is suitable for any skin type and results can begin to be seen in as little as 10 days following treatment depending on the condition treated. Results will continue to develop for up to 3 months after treatment.


Morpheus8 Face Tip (24pin)

The Morpheus8 24- pin micro-needling tip is used on the face and jawline to achieve skin tightening and facial remodeling according to the protocol delineated in Table 1 in our Fitzpatrick I- IV patients. If you are concerned by skin laxity, fine line or wrinkles, pigmentation, acne scarring, or looking to improve the appearance of your skin without surgery, then Morpheus8 is an ideal treatment for you. Morpheus8 is suitable for all skin types.

Click here to visit the Medelle website

Morpheus8 & Thread Lift transformation


2x Face & Neck Morpheus8 treatments

1x Thread Lift



What are Exosomes? Exosomes are small nano-sized vesicles that are produced and released by cells in the body! Exosomes contain a variety of molecules including proteins. RNA (ribonucleic acid), lipids (fats) and other bio active substances. The contents of exosomes vary depending on the type of cell they were derived from. Once exosomes are secreted or pushed outside a cell they play a crucial role in cell-to-cell communication with the ability to transfer information and change the behaviour of neighbouring cells.


This intercellular communication can influence:

-Cell regeneration

-Tissue repair

-Immune regulation


It is important to note that exosomes are not cells themselves, they are small vesicles released by cells and are incapable of reproduction or transformation. They are cell-free, DNA free and their main function is to influence other cells giving them a favourable safety profile.


Helps to strengthen the skin barrier, tighten lax skin, reduce wrinkles, pores size, pigmentation, oily-ness, increase skin elasticity and collagen contents and improve evenness of skin and vascularity.


Exosomes can be added on during a Dermal Needling treatment or after a Morpheus8 treatment for an add on cost of $99!

Massive GIVEAWAY to come Friday 18th January!!


This will be running through instagram

We are now offering cosmetic tattooing


Lip Blush: $500

Powder Brow: $480


Special running until the end of February $100 off both services!!

Bookable now Via Clinique Elan Website


BOOK NOW via here for any treatment required
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