Deborah Wake NZRN

Clinic Owner/ Nurse Therapist

I am Deborah Wake, the owner and one of the nurse therapists at Clinique Elan.  I have been in the appearance medicine industry for well over twenty years.  I spent the first eighteen of those years working at the largest Plastic Surgery, Dermatology and Vein Specialist clinic in Hamilton.  I was responsible for developing the Appearance Medicine side of the practise in the early days, introducing and establishing many new procedures and techniques over the next eighteen years.  During my years in the industry, I have also been privileged to be both a national and international trainer.  I currently teach basic and advanced techniques for both botulinum toxin and the Belotero range of dermal fillers.

Clinique Elan was set up in 2013.  I wanted to establish a clinic that offered a wider range of treatments than were available at the time, in a professional, friendly and safe environment.  I believe we have done exactly that at 47 Pembroke Street.  Our reputation is for producing natural looking results, which is what most clients are looking for.  The trust people put in me is huge, and I take it very seriously.

In the last few years, I have developed a special interest in working with volumising products, not only for the replacement of lost volume through ageing, but also for sculpting faces to optimise people's own beauty, regardless of age.  I call that "beautifying".  In 2013 I was lucky to be trained by world renowned Canadian Plastic Surgeon, Arthur Swift.  I still use and teach his techniques today.

Understanding the ageing face is essential to be able to successfully make someone look more refreshed, and therefore younger, without looking over done.  When treating younger faces to enhance their looks, understanding what "beauty" is, is also essential.  I teach these skills as part of my training.  Having this knowledge makes the difference between being a good injector and a great one.

Sclerotherapy for the treatment of spider veins on the legs is another area of special interest.  It is very satisfying to see someone wear shorts or skirts for the first time in years.


Caroline Harris BN NZRN

Nurse Therapist

Our newest member of our team. Bio to come


Julie Morgan

Practice Manager

I am responsible for the financial aspects of the clinic.  As Deb and I had worked together prior to Clinique Elan opening in 2013, I had some experience and insight into the Appearance Medicine industry.  

I previously worked as a residential property valuer, taught computer skills and worked with the Waikato Breast Cancer Trust.  The skills I acquired in these roles have proved invaluable in my role here at the clinic.   I have had the opportunity of implementing new systems that assist in the smooth running of the clinic.

I love working at Clinique Elan, meeting and working with wonderful people is an awesome way to spend my  day.  



Caitlyn Coulston


I started at Clinique Elan in September 2016.  I was employed on a part time basis to cover the reception desk a couple of afternoons a week, as I was still tutoring at the Elite International Beauty School.  Soon after, Deborah asked me to leave Elite and join the team in a full time role, as the receptionist, but also as the social media manager, and I accepted.  I am primarily responsible for the day to day running of the office, alongside Julie, our Practice Manager.  My other main role has been to set up a social media programme for the Clinic.  Since taking that on, I have established a regular Facebook and Instagram presence, which have been successful in increasing our brand awareness and subsequently increasing our client base.  I also hold the unofficial title of IT "whizz kid" frequently assisting my "older" colleagues in this area.

As a trained beauty therapist, with over 7 years experience, I also perform medi-facials, Redensity treatments and am available for skin consultations.  Over the last few years, I have been fully trained in all our skin care products.  With many years of experience with cosmeceutical/medical grade skincare prior to working at Clinique Elan, I am very comfortable in this area and love to help clients find the right regime, designed especially for them.