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Graduated Compression Hosiery - Pantyhose LG18

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GloriaMed Lady Gloria Support Stockings. 18-20 mmHg:
Designed specially to provide therapeutic benefits and compression in presence of heaviness and fatigue in the legs, initial varices during pregnancy. Attractive, sheer and comfortable stockings and pantyhose with graduated compression. Suitable for young and dynamic women who need a medical effect with elegance and style.

Graduated compression Hosiery improves blood flow up the leg and back to the heart helping prevent spider and varicose vein formation, eliminating swollen ankles and providing relief from aching legs. 

These are the same stockings we fit after Sclerotherapy for spider veins. Great for flying or for sitting/standing for long periods. 

The beauty of these LG18 stockings is that they look just like any pantyhose you would wear with a winter outfit. 

Please check the size chart (pictured) thoroughly. It is important to get a good fit. 


Roll these down to insert just the feet before gradually rolling all the way up the leg. these should not be stretched extensively to fit, allow the pressure of the compression to keep them in place.