Lilash Eyelash Serum Demi - 2ml

Lilash Eyelash Serum Demi - 2ml

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Eyelash growth serum.

  • Lashes appear stronger and healthier in just 8-12 weeks

  • Physician formulated and ophthalmologist tested

  • Combination of conditioning ingredients

  • Paraben free, petro-chemical free and salt free

  • Non-irritating formula -  suitable for sensitive skin

  • Award winning lash serum as voted by NZ's top magazines

  • Suitable for use with eyelash extensions - LiLash will strengthen and condition your natural lashes making extensions easier to apply and resulting in reduced lash breakage


Caitlyn’s Tips:
I have personally been using Lilash for over 5 years now, I constantly get asked about my eyelashes and love that I can grow such lush lashes without needing extensions.
You do NOT need to apply to the bottom lashes, the product will transfer on it’s own.
Wipe excess product back into the bottle so your applicator brush is just damp.

Ingredients: Water, Hydroxethylcellulose, Glycerin, Sweet Almond Extract (Prunus Amygdalus), Hydrolyzed Lupine Protein, Panthenol (Vitamin B Complex), Isopropanol Phenylhydroxypentene Dihydroxycyclopentylheptenate, Silica, Chlorphenesin, Caprylyl Glycol.

Apply once a day to clean, dry skin. Follow the steps for the correct application:

Remove the applicator from the tube and wipe off excess serum on the inside of the tube

Apply LiLash directly to the upper eyelid skin, along the lash line.

Every time you apply, alternate the direction of the stroke from outer to inner

Allow the serum to dry for 2-3 minutes before applying cosmetics

A single application stroke is all you need for best results. For sensitive eyes, apply every other day during the first week.