At Clinique Élan we stock an extensive range of skin care products (known as cosmeceuticals), the Colorescience range of mineral make-up, and Lilash and LiBrow for eyelash and eyebrow enhancement.

Cosmeceuticals refer to skin treatment products that contain active ingredients to treat specific problems, such as sun damage, acne, pigmentation, dehydration, facial veins and generalised redness, including Rosacea, enlarged pores, combination or oiliness, and general signs of ageing.

These products are beyond just skin care.  They are formulated for skin ‘repair’ and protection, and include well known ingredients such as Vitamin A, B and C, Growth Factors, plus many more.  Most of our ranges are available only through Appearance Medicine or Cosmetic Surgery outlets, to ensure they are administered after in depth consultation, and followed up under supervision.  Many contain products of high concentration, deeming this necessary.

Advances in skin care technology are never ending, which means it is essential that we regularly attend workshops to stay in touch with new developments as they occur.  We choose Advanced Skin Technology as suppliers of our skin care ranges because we trust the products and believe their training programme, and overseas trainers, are second to none.

How do I know what product is right for me?

Skin analysis is essential for us to be able to recommend the appropriate skin care regime.  At Clinique Élan we use a Wood's Lamp as part of our assessment process.  The lamp highlights areas of pigmentation, dehydration, oiliness and presence of Vitamin A.  The client is able to see for her/himself, the areas of concern and over time, any improvement as it occurs.  This reassures both parties that the correct products/procedures are being used.