Peri-Oral Package(area around the mouth)

After years of battling to find a long term solution for this stubborn area, which is such a frustration for so many, we have come up with this amazing total rejuvenation package. It not only addresses the fine upper and lower lip lines, but also the skin around the mouth area itself.

This 24 week programme begins with the introduction of high concentration, active skin care products, to start the process of getting the skin in the best possible condition. This is combined with three 6 weekly Dermastamping treatments for collagen induction, and then at the 8 week point, there is the addition of a roller for home use.

After 10 weeks the first of three filler treatments with Hyaluronic acid is commenced. We are very excited to finally have this package available for our clients because we see it as making a big difference to so many.

There is a 15% saving for the entire package, and a further 5% discount if paid up-front.

For further information about the Lip Rejuvenation Package please phone Deborah or Toni or to enquire about our payment options please phone Julie on (07) 8392262.