Warts, Skin Tags & Moles

We have a visiting doctor (Dr Saif Sulaiman) who comes into the clinic once a month, on a Saturday.  Dr Sulaiman uses  Ellman® Surgitron machine that removes skin tags, warts/verruca, moles, seborrheic keratoses,  and any raised skin lesions without bleeding or needing stitches.

The Surgitron can also be used for the removal of sunspots on dark or pigmented skin that cannot be treated with IPL.

This procedure has a very low risk of scarring.  Benign lesions on the face or body excised by conventional surgical techniques may leave permanent scars.  With Ellman® Surgitron, lesions can be removed under local anaesthetic leaving a non-bleeding raw surface that heals rapidly, with virtually no scar.  Overtime, the raw surface becomes a normal colour that blends with the rest of the skin.

A booking with Dr Sulaiman will take one hour and pricing starts at $200. 

If you would like make an appointment to see Dr Sulaiman, please Book here

Dr Sulaiman is a fully qualified Fellow of the New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Medicine, MNZSCM.

Payment in full is required on the day of treatment with Dr Sulaiman. Genoapay is not available for his treatments.

Dr Sulaiman’s next clinic is Saturday the Saturday 27th February 2021