Microsclerotherapy, usually referred to as sclero, is a cosmetic procedure used to treat surface veins on the legs. Larger, varicosed veins require medical intervention. It is essential to distinguish between the two, prior to treatment. 

Depending on the number and size of the veins, generally 2 – 5 treatments are necessary for a satisfactory result.



A special sclerosing agent (polidocanol) is injected into the veins at multiple sites, designed to irritate or damage the lining of the vessel walls. This sets up an inflammatory process that results in the walls becoming thickened and sticky. The vessel walls then stick together and effectively shut the vein down.  It is necessary to wear compression hose (available for purchase at the clinic) for a week post treatment. This process of veins closing takes around 6 weeks, so any further treatment is not done until this time.



Any veins destroyed will stay destroyed, but any vascular disease, even minor, is an ongoing condition that cannot be cured, but can be well managed. The need for further treatment varies hugely between clients. An idea of future need for top ups can be given at the time of treatment.



The most common side effects are minor and short lasting. These include bruising, welts at needle entry sites (much like itchy bites), slight stinging or itching, and blood trapped in the vessels (clots). In about one third of cases, there will be some staining (brown marks), which in some people, lasts several weeks or months. For this reason, and the need to wear stockings for a week after each session, it is advisable to start treatment in the early winter. A comprehensive list of all possible side effects, is discussed at the time of consultation.


Sclerotherapy Cost:

Cost varies depending on time required for treatment, plus the volume of solution needed. It starts at $330 minimum, with a maximum of $450, per session. There is also the cost of compression hosiery at the first session ranging from $30-$65.

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