General Signs of Ageing

The effects of facial ageing are largely predictable. Our brains are programmed to interpret what we see when we look at someone’s face, (unless they have had some treatment already), enabling us to make a fairly accurate judgement as to their chronological age.  Most people cannot identify exactly what those changes are, which is why it is essential to seek the advice of an experienced therapist, who fully understands the process. Then it is relatively easy to disguise many of the effects of ageing, using the various Appearance Medicine procedures available these days.

The loss of volume (fat) in our faces, is generally what ages us the most.  It happens in all areas of the face, to varying degrees, largely dependent on genetics.   Although fine lines and wrinkles contribute to our faces looking older, they are often more a result of lifestyle, eg sun exposure, smoking or poor skin health, rather than chronological ageing.   When volume is lost, particularly in the mid face (cheek area), the face shape changes.   A young face displays the ‘triangle of youth’, while an older face starts to look more square or rectangular to eventually become an inverted triangle.  At this stage, the jowls hang wider than the width of the cheeks.  In effect, it is like a balloon deflating, so the skin sags causing lines, wrinkles, furrows and jowls.

Softening these ageing changes is our aim when choosing our treatments.  Fillers and botulinum toxin are mostly used when trying to make someone look fresher, and therefore younger.  In the older client, we are attempting to turn the clock back so they look how they used to look, but with our understanding of the concept of what makes a face look more beautiful, we are also able to enhance a younger face to appear even more attractive.

At the initial consultation, we will identify and explain the stage and signs of ageing for the client, or suggest subtle changes that will help beautify the younger face and this is followed by our recommendations for treatment.  Volume replacement is one of our main areas of interest and expertise here at Clinique Elan.  We love to make people look and feel the best that they can be, whatever their age!