Clinique Élan’s exclusive Trio Package

What is it?

Many of our skin rejuvenation programmes involve 3 or more appointments. This is not ideal for everyone, so we have put together a package that includes 3  of our favourite skin treatments that can be done in one appointment, yet still provide pleasing results that are immediately noticeable. The package is ideal to have prior to a special event, if you struggle to find time for a series of treatments but still want to improve your skin health, or to use as a step up from your usual monthly ‘facials’.   

It starts with a light lactic or antioxidant Medi-facial, followed by a laser Genesis treatment and then a session under our ever popular Omnilux. A summary of each of these is below, or for more detailed information, go to the individual treatment pages.

What does it do to my skin?

Lactic Acid Medi-facials (also known as a ‘peel’) are gentle enough to suit even the most sensitive skins, yet powerful enough to produce remarkable results every time. They are designed to increase hydration in the skin and gently exfoliate the layer of dead skin cells that can give the skin a dull lifeless look. There is no downtime following these facials. Click to view Medi-facials here

Laser Genesis is becoming more and more popular as a skin rejuvenation option. This unique laser technology is an all round treatment for softening fine lines (especially around the eyes) reducing pore size, improving mild acne scarring and reducing generalised redness. It is an ideal Rosacea treatment. Click to view Laser Genesis here

Omnilux is a unique LED light therapy treatment. Completely painless, the matrix of clinically tested LED light stimulates cellular activity in the skin, to increase hydration and remove toxins, giving the skin a healthy glow. Click to view Omnilux here

Are there any side effects?

Immediately following treatment you can expect a warm pink glow to the skin, which will ease within an hour or so. Following a Medi-facial some clients do find they get a very small amount of shedding a few days later. The best way to ensure your skin recovers quickly is to follow up with skin care from one of our ranges.

How many Treatments are recommended?

This package can be enjoyed as a one off or as frequently as fortnightly for that extra glow. Many people use this as their monthly skin maintenance programme.

How much does it cost?

With a combined value of $380 we have packaged these treatments together for $299