Laser for Facial Veins and other
Vascular Lesions

The Cutera laser we have at Clinique Élan treats a broad range of vessels from tiny capillaries to larger veins, often seen around the nose in particular.It also treats spider angiomas, (red raised blood spots) often seen on young children.

How does it work?

The system delivers pulses of light energy of a specific wavelength (which means a specific colour) to target the red blood cells. The light is converted into heat, which coagulates the blood within the vein, eventually destroying it. It is then slowly reabsorbed by the body.

The light travels through the skin without damaging it, so the skin remains intact. This means normal skincare and makeup can be used immediately following a treatment.

are there any Side effects?

Clinique Elan’s laser is considered a very safe and effective, and our therapists are registered nurses. Because extreme heat is involved, the possible side effects or complications are those of burning. This will be discussed more fully at the time of consultation and/or first treatment. Patients are asked to sign a consent form prior to treatment, which outlines all the possible side effects and risks. Laser can damage eyesight, so shields are placed over the patient’s eyes, and anyone accompanying them will be given safety goggles. It is therefore not suitable to bring young children.

what does it cost?

Two or three treatments are generally sufficient to achieve a satisfactory result. Treatments are 4 to 6 weeks apart and are charged per session. Treatment starts around $150.