Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any payment plans available?

 We offer Genoapay, a 10 week payment plan with no fees where you can bill up to $1000. Much like the very popular 'Laybuy' and 'Afterpay' services, Genoapay is set up online and we simply process your payment through their website. The first payment will come out on the day of treatment (or purchase) and will follow with weekly payments from there. Genoapay allows the flexibility of being able to change your preferred day of payment and should you choose to, you can pay it off sooner than the 10 weeks. We recommend signing up to the Genoapay website prior to coming for treatment to ensure pre-approval has gone through. 

Genoapay can be used for bills higher than $1000, where we are able to take payment for the balance in clinic and process the remaining $1000 on to the payment plan. This allows for some flexibility with treatment options. Click Here to go to the Genoapay website for pre-approval.

For our regular clients we have the option to pre pay for treatments into our account. Many of our clients arrange an AP into our account on a regular basis, choosing the amount according to their personal finances.  A certain amount needs to be in the account before treatment can be undertaken and there is a limit as to how much debt can be accumulated.

Genoapay can not be used on our monthly specials.

Can you guarantee my visits to the clinic will be kept confidential?

At Clinique Elan we pride ourselves on operating under the strictest level of confidentiality.  Our business is to keep your business to ourselves! The team works very hard to ensure that client information is kept private at all costs.

All forms we require you to fill out are to ensure your safety and ours. These, and your treatment details, including any photos taken, are stored securely. We will never share your information unless we have your permission, or it is required to do so by law.

Can I have Botox or fillers while pregnant?

Pregnancy and breast feeding are considered contraindications to having these treatments.  While there is no evidence that they can affect a growing foetus or a breast feeding baby, any testing to prove that, cannot be undertaken for obvious reasons.

 There have been hundreds of women, who will have had treatment not realising they were pregnant without any ill effects, but once it has been confirmed, we will not inject pregnant women.

There are plenty of useful non-injectable treatments on offer that are totally safe to do while pregnant.  Speak to one of the nurses to find out what these are.


Do I have to come in for a consultation first?

Our preference is to see new clients for an initial consultation, particularly if they are completely new to appearance medicine treatments.  We do not charge for these appointments.  It is of benefit to both parties if the client has a chance to absorb the information discussed and taken home some written information to read before committing to a treatment.

We will consult and then treat someone during the same appointment if appropriate, but this needs to be arranged at the time of booking, so we can allocate the extra time required to do both.  We will do this in circumstances such as when a client has a long distance to travel, has had treatment before elsewhere or is well informed regarding treatments and is sure of what they want on the day.


Can my car be seen from the road when I am at the clinic?

Your car wont’ be seen. There is parking behind and under our building. Access is off Palmerston Street, next to Geneva Health. We share the spaces with Robert Harris café, which is on the corner of Pembroke and Palmerston Streets.


How do I know who is the best nurse for me to see?

While Deborah has been in the industry for more years than Toni and Jessica, they have both been trained by Deborah to use the same injectable filler and botulinum toxin products and techniques, as her.  This ensures that everyone gets the same high standard of care and treatment.  While we all carry our these treatments, each nurse also has her own area of special interest, so you may be advised to see that nurse if your concerns fall under those categories.  Toni is our skincare expert, Jessica the light therapy nurse and Deborah for sclerotherapy.


Does the clinic ever offer special deals?

We generally have monthly product and treatment specials, which coincide with the seasons and annual events where possible.  Specials are posted on the website home page, Facebook and Instagram pages, and on the appropriate treatment or product pages on this site.  We email a monthly newsletter to our existing clients, informing them about our specials and any new procedures being introduced to the clinic.  You can sign up to receive these emails at the time of registration as a new client, or by clicking here. 


Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes we do.  "No shows" or avoidable cancellations made within 24 hours incur a charge of $50 for a thirty minute appointment and $100 for an appointment of an hour or more.