Cosmedix Defy Serum 50g

Cosmedix Defy Serum 50g

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Enzyme exfoliant serum

A leave on triple AHA exfoliating cream that gently resurfaces and hydrates the skin. Perfect for most skin types requiring exfoliation without the use of retinol.

Suitable for:

• All skin types
• Dehydrated/Dry
• Hyperpigmented
• Mature Skin
• Problem Skin

Performance Ingredients:

  • Chirally Correct L-Lactic Acid, L-Malic Acid and L-Tartaric Acid: Gently exfoliate for a smoother, softer appearance

  • Vitamin E: Help calm and soothe the skin while visibly revealing a smoother appearance

  • Fullerenes: deliver active ingredients into the skin


Apply 1 pump to clean dry skin. Avoid eye area. do not remove. Begin use on alternative nights building up to nightly application once tolerated.

Caution:  Sunscreen must always be used during the day when using active products in your skincare routine. 


Caitlyn’s Tips:
Defy is a fantastic booster for retinol (Vitamin A) products that do not have enzyme exfoliants already in them. (so not for use with Define and Exfol A).