Brand: Phi Cosmeceutical

The Phi Cosmeceutical range is the vision of Julia and Adele and embodies the vitality of Christchurch. Made in Christchurch – The Phi Cosmeceutical range is formulated by Julia and Adele in collaboration with a manufacturing specialist of beauty products in Christchurch. These are simply the products you need: cleansers, serums and moisturisers, with active ingredients including antioxidants and peptides.

Considering New Zealand’s harsh sunlight, melanin inhibitors are included to combat increased pigmentation. These ingredients change the metabolism of the skin, rather than just masking problems. These active ingredients are scaled in a way that prevent adverse reactions. As your skin adapts, the percentage is increased according to individual treatment requirements. We reach a higher therapeutic level than most other cosmeceuticals on the market.

Julia and Adele are both passionate about helping people with skin problems. For them it’s personal – not that you would pick it now, but as a teenager they each had skin issues. By switching to products with active ingredients they noticed many positive changes in their skin.

Keeping down the cost to their clients is also important, which is why they have kept packaging simple and designed their products for a long shelf life. You only need to use a little at a time, improvement is progressive.

The history of the word Phi (the Golden Ratio), can be found throughout life and the universe. It's appearance creates a sense of balance, harmony and beauty in the designs we find in nature. We have endeavoured to create the perfect combination of ingredients- the golden ratio of skincare giving a sense of balance to your skin. It appears all around us in our daily lives and in our aesthetic appreciation. Mankind has both applied this same proportion, both consciously and unconsciously, to achieve balance, harmony beauty in art, architecture, design and composition.