April news, weddings and a hen's do!

April news, weddings and a hen's do!

Hi Everyone, 
Happy Easter!
I hope you have all had a relaxing weekend whether it may have been at home or on holiday. I have had a lovely weekend celebrating our wedding with friends and family down in Christchurch. The CE Team are also here enjoying a well deserved break. I will be back on board in the clinic on the 12th of April. If you have any questions or concerns in the interim, Jess will be available in clinic to see any of my clients.

We have a few updates for you this April, along with a special note from Deborah.
As the CE weddings have been fast approaching, we decided to have a small hens do celebrate! Unfortunately Jess had car trouble on the day and wasn’t able to make it, but we had lots of fun and laughed until our cheeks hurt. The Caluzzi Cabaret bottomless brunch Drag show is Auckland and is well worth the entertainment!
We have added a snapshot of the day above. 


Profhilo is our new bio-remodelling product that works through the slow release of both high and low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid. While it consists of pure HA, it is not a dermal filler in the traditional sense, as its function is not to volumise but to induce bio-stimulation of cells. This means it stimulates the laying-down of new collagen and elastin in the superficial layers, just under the surface of the skin. Once injected Profhilo® spreads and becomes integrated into the skin.The result is lifted tissue with fewer lines and wrinkles, improved texture and intense hydration.
Deborah was kind enough to allow us to trial the product on both her face and neck being the first client at Clinique Elan to have this treatment. She has given me permission to share these photos with you.

A note from Deborah

A big hello to all my old clients (and that is not in reference to age I promise!) Deborah here, reporting in from Waiheke Island. I visited the clinic last week to get my post photos done, following my 2 treatments with Profhilo. and was asking Nicole about my clients.  She kindly invited me to say hi in her next newsletter, so here I am! Although retirement is amazing - I do miss catching up with my regulars.

As you will have seen, Nicole has done an amazing of job refurbishing and rebranding the clinic - not a speck of purple anywhere! It is very tastefully done and looks very styly.  Although it is looking very different, what happens in there is still of the same high standard, plus a few new additions. I hope all my regulars are giving the girls the opportunity to experience that. If you're feeling a little anxious about a new injector, don't forget that Jess is 100% ‘ Deborah'  trained, so you can be confident that she thinks like I do! As I mentioned to many of you before I left, I did very detailed notes and accurate diagrams of previous treatments, so if you want pretty much the same again, the girls can do it. I have recently seen evidence of Jess’s Signature Lift, which was always one of her specialties. If you’ve not had it, talk to her about it. I'll be getting her to do mine when I next need it. When I can find time!

I am very impressed with the results of my Profhilo treatment. I keep getting comments on how good/well I am looking, so figured it was the result of retirement and subsequent anti-stressing, but looking at the photos, I can definitely see an improvement above and beyond what relaxing can do for me. There comes a point when it is not appropriate to keep adding more and more filler, as this can cause a ‘boggy’ look to a face, so Profhilo  is the ideal next step. I won’t lie, it did hurt a bit, but worth the pain!! Jess and Nicole are getting some very impressive results.

Retirement is everything I thought it would be and more. I am taking up every opportunity I get to accept invitations for adventure and I organise my own if there’s nothing on offer. Three days kayaking in Abel Tasman for example. Summer is passing too quickly! I see lots of my gorgeous grandson Bobby, and have booked flights to visit my new grandson due in 3 weeks in Melbourne, so life is not going to slow down any time soon.

As promised, I am visiting the clinic early May, and again in June to continue training Jess and Caroline in sclerotherapy, so will no doubt catch up with some of you then if you happen to be in the clinic.

Meanwhile, do take care everyone.


We are running a few specials in the clinic heading into the winter months.
Our team have been collectively discussing package deals for our lovely clients, to enable you to get the most out of the treatments and products we offer at Clinique Elan.


We have introduced a new pigmentation package below.
This is available in two different options, mini or maxi. These are relative to what you are wanting to achieve, so it is advisable to book a complimentary consultation with Jess or Caitlyn before starting one of these packages. 

Model call

We have been extremely fortunate to have been gifted some product through Teoxane as we trial a new dermal filler for lips in the clinic.
Teoxane have kindly gifted us 6mls of product to use on 6 clients.
We are looking for appropriate clients who would like 1ml of filler into their lips. This can be used in one session or can be spread across two sessions.
The appointment will be complimentary however we would require permission to use before and after photos for marketing purposes post treatment. If this is something that may be of interest please contact our reception HERE
*Clients must not be travelling in the 2 weeks either side of this treatment.
Clients must not be pregnant or breastfeeding.
Clients must not have had their covid19 vaccination 2 weeks either side of this treatment.

Ultimate Lift

We have 3 boxes left of our Ultimate Lift Package, this is 3mls of product used for replacing mid face volume. Usually this package is $1500 however it is no longer sold as a 3ml bundle moving forward so we have decided to discount it to $1000!

Medical Botulinum Toxin 

We have been discussing the uses of medical botulinum toxin treatments here at Clinique Elan.
We currently discount the cost of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) to $950 from $1200.
So we have decided moving forward that we would like to offer treatment to the masseter muscle for $540 saving $180. The dose used to treat masseters is usually 120u of dysport or 40u of Xeomin.
For more information regarding these treatments, book in to see a nurse for a complimentary consultation
That's all for now!
By the time you get our next newsletter, both myself and Jess will be married!
We promise to include some team photos from each wedding in the next newsletter and on our social media.
xx Nicole and the team 


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