The C1 Detox from Beauty Tofu contains all natural products from the earth for promoting wellness from within. It is ideal for targeting skin problems, bowel issues and general aches and pains, by breaking down the toxins that accumulate in our bodies. It contains Mojave Desert Clay which helps purify and cleanse, by assisting in the elimination of waste build up. This in turn means the work we do looks better and lasts longer! A very painless way to DETOX!

C1 Detox contains high grade magnesium, fibre and vitamins, helping to promote healthy digestive functions as well as encouraging beneficial bacteria growth in the gut. C1 Cleanse is a great way to kick start the system after antibiotic use or for a sluggish system.

Ingredients: Pysllium, NZ Flaxseed Meal (Omega 3,6 & 9) Vitmain B, C & E, Organic Barley Grass, Mojave Desert Clay & Chia Seeds.

Beauty Tofu products are vegan, raw & cruelty free.