Pigmentation Package

This package consists of a combination of products and treatments designed to address stubborn areas of pigmentation.

Pigmentation is an extremely difficult skin condition to treat and generally takes weeks, often months, before you are likely to start seeing results.  For this reason, the program runs for ten months in total.

It starts with the introduction of high concentration, active skin care products and sunblock to ‘prep’ the skin for the treatments in the package.

Throughout the ten months, you will undergo a series of six lactic peels to gently exfoliate and brighten the skin, three full face stamping sessions to disrupt the pigment producing cells deeper in the skin and three Vitamin A infusions to gently turn over surface pigmentation.

The package also includes a post procedure kit, which must be used following each treatment.  The cost of the package is 15% less than its full value.  If you pay “up-front” in full we take a further 5% off, otherwise it is $1,000 deposit with nine monthly payments of $293.90.