Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis is becoming more and more popular as a choice for skin rejuvenation. There is zero downtime involved, treatment is painless, but it effectively addresses a wide range of issues. It will soften fine lines, particularly around the eyes, improve acne scarring, reduce pore size, hydrate dry crepey skin and reduce generalised redness. It is therefore a great Rosacea treatment, but also treats discolouration of the neck, (Poikloderma of Civatte), as well as general texture improvement of the neck and chest areas. 

How does it work?

Laser light of a specific wavelength is directed at the skin, aiming to heat small areas at a time up to a specified temperature. This is held for a set period of time to effectively destroy the perivascular component of the skin, which causes generalised redness, but also the heat stimulates regeneration of new collagen, while strengthening existing collagen fibres.

Are there any side effects?

Genesis is the safest of all the light therapy treatments we offer.  It is actually very soothing.