The neck area is a challenging one under Appearance Medicine, as for many it is the loose skin and sagging that bothers them the most. Non-surgical options are directed at specific problems, other than getting rid of excess skin. Many people have Poikloderma of Civatte following years of sun exposure and/or perfume use. This is where the sides of the neck are pigmented and red, with skin changes (much like a plucked chicken!).

That all stops directly under the chin where the sun cannot reach. Choice of treatment is largely determined by the predominant problem e.g. redness is treated with laser, IPL, or skin products; pigmentation with IPL, laser genesis or needling. Dysport® can be useful on some people if they have strong neck bands (platysmal bands) that pull the jaw downwards. Relaxing these by paralysing them (temporarily) can effectively 'tuck' the jowl up under the jawline.